Inform Your Conscience 2 – Marriage

Inform Your Conscience 2 – Marriage is the second in our series on the upcoming election.  We will not tell anyone for whom they should vote, but our God does talk about issues.  Since he does – so will we!  With an informed conscience you can vote.

Marriage is God’s design for the family.  This is the basic building block of society.  In recent history the family has come under attack.  As the divorce rates increase and church attendance decrease our society has become post-Christian.  There are fewer and fewer nuclear families in our nation.  The symptoms of this can be seen in rate of birth, incarceration, divorce, drug use, poverty, and college education.  This isn’t being critical on the single parents who try their best with the Lord’s help to raise children.  But it is an observation that a two parent home is the idea place to raise a family.

One question that we did not get to in our study was the final one in the quicky quiz.  What happens if the government would attempt to force churches to offer gay marriages?  Some have imagined a world where this would happen.  I don’t know what the future holds.  I know that our God is in control.  I don’t anticipate this happening in my life time, but the topic has come up.  Our church body has considered this.  If the state would attempt to force out churches to perform gay marriages would get out of the marriage business all together.  We would treat marriages just like we would baptisms that happen outside of a church.  We can acknowledge the marriage and ask for God’s blessing.  If someone would come to be married, we could offer marriage counseling and then send them to the local magistrate for the license and simple ceremony.

Want to hear more?  Watch this week’s study from our series Inform Your Conscience 2 – Marriage.

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