Inform Your Conscience 1 – Two Kingdoms

Inform Your Conscience 1 – Two Kingdoms is the first lesson in our Bible class series covering election issues.  Four years ago, I encouraged our congregation, as I always have, to vote their conscience.  Two Christians can disagree on political issues because there are so many moving parts.  How do you know who to believe?   Voting in an election is ALWAYS about picking the lesser of two evils.  Often that’s not an easy choice.  While I will never tell you for whom you should vote, we will talk about the issues facing out nation.  God won’t speak to individual candidates, but he does talk about taxes, taking care of the planet, and who has the right to end life.  After hearing what God says, you need to vote your conscience.

For this first lesson I think it’s worth a reminder that we live in two very different kingdoms.  The first is the kingdom of this world.  In Jesus’ day Caesar and his governors ran the world.  We have a president, governor, mayor, and all those who represent the state – police, fire, judges, etc.  These kingdoms collect taxes, command respect and honor, and have borders.  This is great!  God instituted the governing authorities.  Christians are to obey the state.  They are God’s servant to do you good.

The other kingdom that we find ourselves in is the kingdom of God.  This one is a little harder to get a handle on.  Our sermon was all about how God’s kingdom grows and spreads – by the power of God’s word.  Jesus says that his kingdom is not of this world.  God’s kingdom is made up of believing hearts around the world.  We can’t see who the members of this kingdom are because we can’t read hearts.  That is why this kingdom is known as the invisible church.

Want to hear more?  Watch this weeks study, the first in our election year series, Inform Your Conscience 1 – Two Kingdoms.

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