Back to the Basics

Date: August, 09, 2020
Time: 11:00 AM

1355 Jonestown Rd Winston Salem, NC 27103

It is more basic to walk than run.  That’s how most of life works.  First we do simpler things and then jump into deeper more challenging activities.  Star of Bethlehem is going Back to the Basics.  During the Easter season we’ll be walking through some of the basic teachings of Christianity.  That doesn’t mean older Christians can’t benefit from the review!  For this round we’re looking at the Ten Commandments.  What glittering jewels of truth are hiding for us as we study?  Come and find out!

Lesson One – Knowledge of God


Lesson Two – Law and Gospel


Lesson Three – The 1st Commandment: Other Gods


Lesson Four – The 2nd Commandment: God’s Name


Lesson Five – The 3rd Commandment: Day of Rest

Lesson Six – The 4th Commandment: Honor Parents

Lesson Seven – The 5th Commandment: Protect Life

Lesson Eight – The 6th Commandment: Love and Marriage