Love and Marriage

Love and marriage are God’s gifts to his people.  In today’s world marriage, as God designed it, is struggling.  We could point to the novel idea of “gay marriage”, but I think homosexuality isn’t the biggest trouble facing the institution.  Marriage isn’t being honored by God’s people.  A 2016 study shows that cohabitation is normal and accepted.  More recent information isn’t any different.

What I have shared with the church’s confirmands over the years is that our behavior shouldn’t be shaped by the winds of societal trends.  God’s unchanging word is the only good place to go for guidance.  I tell them to think, “Is something wrong because it’s gross?” or “Is something gross because it’s wrong?”  For example when my parents were married there was no dance at the wedding because everyone knew that dance was a “vertical expression of a horizontal intention.”  No where in Scripture does God prohibit dancing.  When my parents were married dancing was wrong because it was gross.  Fast forward to my wedding and I am proud to say that there was a kinds of dancing.  I danced with my wife, my mom, and little kids.  It was fun!  Dancing had ceased to be wrong because it was no longer gross.

The problem comes in when people treat God’s institution of marriage and God’s gift of sexuality like dancing.  Marriage is between a man and a woman – ’till death parts them.  Sex is reserved for that setting.  Anything else is gross because it’s wrong.  There is no other God pleasing outlet for sexuality.  God’s will for our lives hasn’t changed since the creation of the world.  As the linked articles above (and countless others like them) show, this is not how our nation, or most of Christianity sees love and marriage.

It does no good to just beat people over the head with God’s Law.  If that is where out witness stops, we aren’t reaching out in love.  We sing, “Jesus sinners does receive.”  If someone is struggling with same-sex attraction, the FIRST place I want them to go it to their God, their parents, and their pastor.  If a couple isn’t married, but is tempted to enjoy God’s gifts of sex the FIRST place I want them to go it to their God, their parents, and the pastor.  (Yes, those last two phrases were redundant, but I know I don’t say them enough.)  I want to encourage people.  I want people to see that God’s love for them is boundless.  God’s plan isn’t just a nice idea – it’s the best idea – because God is the one who designed love and marriage.  His plan will work for you too.

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