Protect Life

How can you protect life?  I suppose God’s admonition against murder in the 5th Commandment is a good place to start, but it goes far deeper.  Let’s start in the home.  I think if you’ve ever had a sibling you know that there can be some… disagreements.  I fought with my two brothers growing up.  That’s not a defense, but an admission of guilt.  It doesn’t have to be physical damage either.  Losing your temper or letting a cross word cross your tongue are all an offense to our God.

Let’s go a little deeper still.  What if you see someone in need and you don’t kick that person when he’s down?  I don’t think God would say that’s good enough.  The parable of the Good Samaritan was told to a man who thought he was good enough for God.  Jesus reminded him that his neighbor was anyone in need.  While I would never advocate giving money to a person begging on the street corner – you may be feeding an addiction.  Donating your time, talents, or treasure to the local homeless shelter is a great way to keep this commandment.

I don’t know that we can leave this topic of life without talking about the ways that God sanctions the taking of life.  He tells us in Romans 13 that our governing authorities have the right to take a life.  [Government] does not bear the sword for nothing… If the state of North Carolina decides that someone has lost the right to live, God says that the state has the authority to take that life.  It is God and his representatives who have the right to end life.  That includes a police officer who uses deadly force to protect the public.

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