Knowledge of God

Knowledge about God is everywhere!  It’s built into creation.  We can tell God is good from looking at an apple tree.  We can see God’s power and enormity by standing next to a mountain.  The stars proclaim his handy work.   What can we do with this knowledge?

When I counsel people of witnessing their faith, one of the tough topics is where to start.  How can I start the conversation?  Standing on the street corner is one way to do it, but I don’t know that anyone would listen.  The most powerful way to witness is through the relationships that God has already placed into your life – friends, coworkers, classmates, etc.

The phrase that I use most often to get the conversation moving is, “How are you and God doing?”  That assumes a couple things.  First, it front loads the concept of God.  If someone stops you right away and says that they don’t believe there is a God, that’s ok.  At least you know where the next step needs to be.  Creation is full of God’s finger prints.  Different parts of the body, fragility of life, all the inability of the scientific community to offer any real answers to the origins of creation all point to at least an intelligent designer.

At some point the conversation needs to shift gears.  Creation is great, as is the conscience burned onto the hearts of every man and woman.  Creation and conscience will never find Jesus apart from the Bible.  Never apologize for bringing Jesus into a conversation.  He loves being there.  In fact he promises that he will be with you wherever you go.

Want to hear more about the knowledge of God?  Watch this Sunday’s Bible class from our series: Back to the Basics.

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