My Easter Witness

Date: May, 28, 2023
Time: 11:00 AM

My Easter Witness doesn’t need to be a difficult topic.  Jesus lives!  The Bible says so clearly.  The Holy Spirit has convinced us.  But there are a number of what ifs…  What if I’m talking to a religion that I know nothing about?  What if I’m talking to someone who see the world very differently than I do?  What can I say.  That simple message that Jesus lives doesn’t change, but it can be helpful to know your audience.

This Easter season we will be looking at different ways we can witness about our risen Lord.

Lesson One: The Basics

What exactly do I need to know to witness about Jesus?

Lesson Two: LDS

Are Mormons Christian?  I’m too busy to talk to a couple missionaries.

Lesson Three: JWs

My Easter Witness – JWs might strike fear in your heart.  Do you get excited when you see two people walking down the street going door to door?

My Easter Witness - JWs