My Easter Witness – Basics

My Easter Witness – Basics just gets the ball rolling.  This can be a terrifying topic, so we need to spend some time.  Does witnessing do any good? Why would someone care what I think? You don’t need a sign and a street corner to effectively witness, but at some point you might need to say something. If you’ve been a Christian your whole life, you’ve had an extensive amount of training. Even if you don’t remember the chapter and verse of a Bible passage, you can still share the Biblical truth. That is all the Spirit needs to work faith in a heart.

But I don’t know how to talk to Muslims, JW’s, or Mormons.  Doesn’t the Bible say I that I need to be prepared to give an answer?  It does, but it doesn’t say that you need to have ALL the answers.  God doesn’t need you to be a walking encyclopedia.  He wants us to be prepared to give an answer for the hope that we have.  That’s easy!  I know that I’m forgiven.  I know where I’m going when I die.  There is no maybe.  There is not uncertainty!  As you listen to the Bible study, you’ll hear a few Bible passages blurted out that could be used in a witness.  Those are great, but I tell folks to simply make a friend and invite them.  You can also tell people what Jesus has done for you, of course.  What I like to do is to get people to agree to sit down with me and go over Bible passages to see what God says on a variety of topics.  That’s a Bible Information Class.  Even if that never happens, God can still use my witness to create faith or maybe even get a person to seek more information.

The goal of evangelism and your witness isn’t to win souls for Christ.  That’s the Spirit’s job.  Your goal is to give God glory.  The pressure is off!  Tell the great things that God has done for you.

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