My Easter Witness – TQIA+

My Easter Witness – TQIA+ is part two in our series for Pride Month.  God calls us to love everyone in Jesus, including those from the LGBTQIA+ community.  Let’s look at how we can share the love of Jesus!

If there was someone at your school or work who one day announced that they were using different pronouns, a different gender, and had different love interests, what should you do?  For starters if you were their friend yesterday, God wants you to be their friend today.

The next conversation needs to be – what does it mean to be a friend?  We never want to lie to anyone.  God calls us to speak the truth in love.  The reaction to the will of our God is not always positive.  The Bible we see that he is the creator of all things – including every person.  In love he planned our gender.  This isn’t a choice that we get to make.  The first two people were made male and female.

Probably the worst part about the TQIA+ movement is the shift in identity.  Your sexuality doesn’t define who you are.  It is your relationship with your God that defines who you are.  Christian, you wake up every morning knowing that you belong to your God.  He bought you body and soul by the blood of Jesus.  You belong.  With the reality that you are a son or daughter of the King of the Universe comes the ability to go to to him in prayer.  Your God has taken care of every big question in life.

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