My Easter Witness – LDS

My Easter Witness – LDS might hit kind of close to home.  One of the fastest growing Christian denominations is The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS). Part of this statement is completely false. While they may be growing quickly, there is nothing Christian about LDS. However, they look really good. They are extremely friendly. You will not have better neighbors.

In today’s lesson you’ll hear from an LDS missionary and his mother as they describe what it was like when they realized that their faith was not Christian or even Biblically based. They were worshipping a different god.

It all started when Christians invite Micah into their homes and shared Jesus with him.  He, in turn, shared the message of forgiveness in Jesus with the rest of his family.  I want you to think about where they would be if that Christian family had NOT invited Micah in and told him about the Jesus of the Bible?

If the thought of inviting a couple strangers into your home sounds daunting, consider that these are young people who are isolated from their family and shuffled around during their two-year mission.  The weight on their souls is tremendous.  Everything that they are and do is based on their works.  The goal of perfection is crushing.  Please prayerfully consider taking the time to learn more about the LDS and see how God could use you to share his love.

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