My Easter Witness – Islam

My Easter Witness – Islam focuses on one of the largest religions in the world. It is growing quickly in America too! Last month Minneapolis became the first major US city to offer the Muslim call to prayer (think church bells or only it’s Arabic). The first one is at 3:42 AM. How can you witness your faith to this juggernaut religion?

There are some major culture differences.  Maybe you’re thinking why would anyone every covert to such a religion?  What makes this faith attractive?  If you live in certain parts of the world, there is often no choice – you will be Muslim.  There was a woman I spoke to who converted to Islam.  She grew up a Presbyterian but in college was frustrated when the Christians around her didn’t live their faith.  Muslims do not drink alcohol.  So she saw the faith as more sincere than what she knew.

There is a lot of fear built into Islam too.  Allah is not a forgiving gracious God.  Muslims have no guarantee that they will reach heaven because their faith is completely based on works.

The problem with Islam is, of course, that they deny Jesus’ divinity.  That being said there is a natural point of connection with Muslims because they revere Jesus.  Muslims love the Bible!  However, they see Jesus as only a prophet of Allah.  Jesus calls himself God.  Muslims even believe that Jesus was the sinless born son of the virgin Mary.  When witnessing to a Muslim, try and direct the conversation back to Jesus.  What do we do with Jesus?  It is there that you can have a law and gospel conversation in love with your Muslim neighbor.

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