My Easter Witness – LGB

My Easter Witness – LGB touches on the season of the year!  If you didn’t know, our society has made June Pride Month.  Next week’s lesson will touch on the TQIA+ of the list of letters.  On Sunday we explored how we can witness to someone who is struggling with same sex attraction.  Jesus has freed us to love everyone in our community.

Part of the struggle that Christians have when we deal with the homosexual community is betrayed in this sentence.  Do you see a person struggling with same sex attraction as a member of a community?  It doesn’t matter how they see themselves or identify, you – Christian, need to see everyone as a soul for whom Jesus died.  You might change your tack depending on how a person identifies, but the end goal is always the same.  Love everyone in Jesus.

How do you feel when you see a traditional heterosexual couple living together outside of marriage?  Does that offend you?  If not, why does one sin seem worse than another.  Just because a behavior is outside of our traditions and culture doesn’t mean that it’s necessarily worse.  God warns that anyone who is greedy will not enter the kingdom of God.  He says this about a number sins – including having sex outside of marriage between a man and a woman.  God’s condemnation is a blanket statement that covers all of the world.  That, of course, isn’t where the story ends.  Jesus died for every sin.  Our job is to share that incredible message.

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