The Glory of Jesus SDR

Date: April, 23, 2023
Time: 11:00 AM

The Glory of Jesus SDR is a little shorthand for Jesus’ suffering, death and resurrection.  For this season of Lent we’ll walk through the passion accounts from the Visual Gospel of John and ask a few questions.  For example – If Jesus is in the room, who is the greatest? That might seem like an easy question, but… so… then who’s second?! If that sounds ridiculous, you’ve just gotten a glimpse into the disciples. AND if we’re honest that’s not too far off from our own sinful hearts.

In our worship on Sunday we used the Visual Bible according to the Gospel of John.  Click HERE to start watching.  We go for almost nine minutes.  It is a dramatized version of the Revised Standard Version of the Gospel of John.  Every word that is spoken is from the Bible.

Lesson 1: The Upper Room

Jesus takes time our for the Lord’s Supper, but the high drama is his acknowledgement of Judas’ betrayal. Throw in some petty arguments and feet washing and there is a lot to talk about.

Lesson 2: The Comforter

The Comforter is the title for the Bible study this week.  Jesus had given them a nightmare scenario. He doesn’t leave them that way.

Lesson 3: The Father’s Will

Jesus was moments away from starting his journey to the cross.  His disciples were as ready as they were going to be for the trials that lay ahead.  He was overwhelmed.

Lesson 4: Rejected

Whose sin was worse? Peter’s or Judas’? Which is more dangerous? Pride or despair? This week in our study of the Passion of our Lord we look into the result of sin and the important difference between repentance and and remorse? Are you sorry… or just sorry you got caught?

Lesson 5: Condemned

The Glory of Jesus SDR – Condemned is a study in the miscarriage of justice.  The legal system failed in a few different ways.  Part of the problem is that the corruption was rampant.

Lesson 6: Executed

The Glory of Jesus SDR – Executed should never have happened.  Besides the fact that Jesus was completely innocent, even in the ancient world, it was customary to give a condemned man time to collect himself.  That’s not what happened to Jesus.  There are MANY details about the last few hours of Jesus life.  The challenge is covering them all and focusing on the important ones.

Lesson 7: Resurrected

The Glory of Jesus SDR – Resurrected is something we’ve been waiting for.  Seeing Jesus rejected, betrayed, beaten, and crucified can be exhausting.  He lives!  Easter is joyful because it is the proof that everything Jesus said is true!  So let’s talk resurrection Sunday. Why did Jesus descend into hell? Was Jesus not dead for three full days?! Why was there an angel there and, if so, how many angels. We’ll tackle these details and more in our Sunday Bible class.

Lesson 8: Ascended

The Glory of Jesus SDR – Ascended is the final lesson in our series.  We find Jesus appearing to many people!  In the Bible class I teased about listing all of the times that Jesus appeared – eleven in all – in the pages of Scripture.  Here is that list with the references linked up.