The Glory of Jesus SDR – Rejected

The Glory of Jesus SDR – Rejected is a look at two different sinners.  Whose sin was worse? Peter’s or Judas’? Which is more dangerous? Pride or despair? This week in our study of the Passion of our Lord we look into the result of sin and the important difference between repentance and and remorse? Are you sorry… or just sorry you got caught?

Let’s break it down.  We know from Scripture that Judas was a thief and that he dipped into the money bag that Jesus and the disciples entrusted to him.  He was filled with greed.  What was the play for him on the night that he betrayed Jesus?  How many times in the past had someone tried to kill Jesus?  The result?  Jesus walked through the crowds.  The town begged Jesus to leave.  Every time this happened Jesus got away.  He was perfect and so this was the perfect play.  Don’t you see?  Judas was taking Jesus’ enemies for a ride!  I’ll get 30 silver coins… to give to the poor, yeah that’s it.  The poor need the money and I’ll be fleecing these people who hate my Lord.

Let’s turn the table before we look at Judas’ end.  What was Peter thinking?  He declared to everyone – “I would rather die than deny you, Jesus.”  “Even if everyone else runs away, I never will.”  Jesus knew this was going to end badly, so he warned Peter what was REALLY going to happen.  That must have stabbed Peter through the heart.  That piercing news wasn’t enough to break Peter’s pride.  He had done so much.  He had learned the way to get things done.  Sure, maybe he spoke before he was ready, but he could normally make it all work out.  It all came crashing down at the cock’s crow and a polite question from a servant girl.

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