The Glory of Jesus SDR – Resurrected

The Glory of Jesus SDR – Resurrected is something we’ve been waiting for.  Seeing Jesus rejected, betrayed, beaten, and crucified can be exhausting.  He lives!  Easter is joyful because it is the proof that everything Jesus said is true!  So let’s talk resurrection Sunday. Why did Jesus descend into hell? Was Jesus not dead for three full days?! Why was there an angel there and, if so, how many angels?

Of all these details to explore, let’s look at the first moments recorded on Easter Sunday.  There is an earthquake.  These happen, but this was not normal.  An angel came and rolled the stone away that had sealed the entrance of the tomb.  Why did he do this?  It wasn’t to let Jesus out.  Jesus wasn’t knocking on the stone waiting for his trusty angels to open the door.  We spend some time on the descent into hell and why Jesus went (this victory parade).  If Jesus can descend into hell, do you think he can make it out of a tomb?  …or into a locked room with his disciples that evening?  …or vanish as he breaks bread with the disciples after a long walk to Emmaus?  Of course he can!

We speak of Jesus humiliation and his exaltation.  After Easter Jesus didn’t get hungry or tired.  He wasn’t limited to anything of the things we are with our physical body.  To be sure, he still has a body, complete with the glorious physical scars from his sacrifice for sin.  One day you will get to look through the holes in his hands and reach into the gash in his side from the Roman spear.  But don’t be mistaken, our glorified bodies won’t bear the scars of this veil of tears.  Stroke victims will walk and speak without trouble.  Lost your arm in a farming accident?  You’ll have that back.  So why does Jesus still have his scars in glory?  Because they are glorious!  These aren’t bad.  The scars are proof that he did what said he would do.  They are proof that he died for your sins and mine.

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