The Glory of Jesus SDR – Executed

The Glory of Jesus SDR – Executed should never have happened.  Besides the fact that Jesus was completely innocent, even in the ancient world, it was customary to give a condemned man time to collect himself.  That’s not what happened to Jesus.  There are MANY details about the last few hours of Jesus life.  The challenge is covering them all and focusing on the important ones.  This study has walked us through Jesus’ whole Passion.  Our congregation will spent time on the crucifixion method and Jesus’ words from the cross on Good Friday.

When Jesus walked the Via Dolorosa from the Fortress Antonia to Golgotha, there were women who followed him and wept for him.  Jesus stops them and offers a prophesy about the future.  Don’t weep for me!  Weep for yourselves.  The destruction would be complete.  After the Romans were through with Jerusalem all that would be left of the temple was on wall.  Pompey took over the city in 63 AD and Titus leveled the city in 70 AD.  That ended the Jewish faith as God commanded it in Scripture.  There was no way that it could function without animal sacrifice.  Since that time, Jews replaced sacrifice with prayer.

Just how complete was this destruction?  As if leveling the city of Jerusalem wasn’t bad enough, the custom of a Roman triumph was common.  They would have a victory parade through main street showing off the loot that was taken during the conquest.  Maybe a few of the prominent leaders being pushed along, now prisoners.  This relief shows that parade down the streets on Rome with the contents of the temple including the manora.

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