The Glory of Jesus SDR – The Comforter

The Glory of Jesus SDR – The Comforter is the title for the Bible study this week.  Jesus had given them a nightmare scenario:

  • One of them would betray Jesus
  • Peter would deny Jesus three times in one day
  • ALL of them would run away
  • Soon persecution was coming

Up until the night that Jesus was betrayed… things were pretty good…  They were celebrating the Passover with their teacher.  A lot had happened that week, but Palm Sunday was fun.  It was all going to come to a crashing halt.  In telling the disciples this news Jesus wasn’t trying to be mean.  He wanted to warn and prepare his disciples for the rocky days that were waiting for them.

Just like a parent who comforts a child who awakens from that nightmare, Jesus was there to comfort his disciples.  Jesus won’t be able to stay.  Yes, he’s about to be crucified, but more than that he will be leaving them and ascending into heaven.  The disciples won’t be alone.  Jesus promises to be with them anytime two or three are gathered in his name – Jesus will be there.  Not a physical presence like what they enjoyed during his ministry.  This was an unseen spiritual presence that we share as Christians.  But that’s not all!!  Jesus would send the Comforter – the Holy Spirit who would remind the disciples of everything that the Lord said.

The Gospel of John was written some two generations after Jesus walked the earth, yet the aged Apostle recorded detailed conversations that gave him and his fellow disciples peace in the week and months that followed.  All of the writers of the Bible spoke from God as they were carried along by the Holy Spirit.

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