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Sermons on Ministry

Deadliest Catch

John was in jail. The one that John endorsed might suffer a similar fate. The disciples whom Jesus calls in the Gospel of Mark were John’s disciples first! And look at these men, humanly speaking, Jesus could have picked better candidates to start a church that would take his message of love to the whole world. The call into the Gospel ministry is a fascinating look at grace. That grace is for you too. Join us as we see the hidden glory of God in his divine call.

Let us not give up meeting together.

The Christian Congregation

Where ever two or three are gathered in his name, there he is with them. With these and other words we have a basic definition of the church. It is a gathering of believers around Jesus and his word. What exactly does that group look like and what should they be doing? Watch this morning and find out!

What are you waiting for? Be baptized and wash your sins away!

Means of Grace – Baptism

Why do we baptize babies and not dedicate them?  Do we have to dunk or sprinkle?  Did Martin Luther really dunk infants?!  Baptism is a wonderfully simple gift from our God to create faith and wash sins away.  Why are there so many confusing questions surrounding it? Watch this week’s study on Baptism.

Paul wrote a letter of encouragement to Timothy, a young pastor. In it Paul reminds him that Christ Jesus came to save sinners.

The Right Stuff

Do you have the Right Stuff? The 1983 movie detailing the start of our nation’s space program went through the lives and struggles of the first men who risked their lives so that our nation could reach space. Our sermon text from 1 Timothy 3 is a list of the right stuff children of God need to be a public minister of the gospel.

The prophet Ezekiel offer hope to the Jews living in exile.

A Prophet Among Them

There are all kinds of struggles that we face in the world.  Some of them can come to us because of God’s word.  This shouldn’t surprise us because Jesus warned us that this would come.  We are not of the world, but we are in the world as light shining in the darkness.  May we bring peace and hope to a dying world through God’s word.

God extends a call to Elisha through Elijah

The Mantle of the Public Ministry

When Elijah extended the divine call into the public ministry to Elisha, what do you suppose was his reaction?  You should know that in spite of some great outward victories for the Lord in Elijah’s ministry, just before this he was depressed and wanted to die.  He was facing death threats!  When Elijah put his […]