Top Down Faith – Holy Trinity

Top Down Faith – Holy Trinity is the first message in our new sermon series.  These truths from our God are so amazing they could not have come from ordinary people.  God gave us these truths because we need them to have a relationship with him.  The first example of this is the Holy Trinity.

16 The Spirit himself testifies with our spirit that we are God’s children.  When I read this picture God the Holy Spirit is testifying in court that you and I are indeed part of God’s family.  Have you ever heard him do this?  It could mean one of three things.  1) First it could mean that God the Holy Spirit speaks directly to our hearts – that is, you hear voices.  While I’m not going to say that this is impossible, it isn’t normal.  God never promised that he would send his Spirit to us directly like a bolt of lightning.

2) God did promise that as we read the Bible, through the Word of God the Holy Spirit would come into our hearts.  3) After he does this – when you are able to say by the Spirit of God Jesus is Lord, your life begins to change – you’re not perfect yet, but there is a change, an ongoing change in the Christian’s life as a reflection that God the Holy Spirit has taken up residence in your heart.  When you do good things like listen to you parents, work at your job as to the Lord, not to your boss that you might not really like.  When you love your spouse even when it’s hard, clean the toilets in your house, mow the grass, cook a meal, anything.  These are proof that you’re part of God’s family, because the Spirit lives in you.

While you can see the good things you do and say God’s Spirit lives in me, don’t make that the final authority on whether or not you are part of God’s family.  What will you begin to think when you don’t act like your part of God’s family?  What will you think when the circumstances of your life are horrible and you doubt your place at God’s dinner table?  First don’t go sit under a tree and wait for a bolt of lightning to hit you.  To touch on the last point, don’t try and work your way out of it, because maybe you can’t. Maybe your life has only begun to tailspin and will only get worse.

When you doubt, go back to 2) Listen to the Spirit testify to your heart through the Word of God on the pages of the Bible.  You are Sons of God through faith in Christ Jesus – There is no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus.  You are Part of God’s family.

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