A Top Down Faith – Jesus Wins

A Top Down Faith – Jesus Wins is the third in our series on incredible things that our God does for us.  There is no way we would be able to even consider forgiving someone like Larry.

Guilt is a powerful thing.  Just ask Larry Webb a man in his 80s who confessed to the 2000 murder of a woman and her 10-year-old daughter who was living with him at the time. Two months ago he confessed to the authorities in Beckley, WV.  Doesn’t that seem odd?  I thought that time heals all wounds?  At least that’s a common thought.  The thing to remember is that you shouldn’t mistake short-term memory loss for a clean conscience.  After twenty-five years what was it that moved, that forced, Johnny to confess to a murder?

FBI SSA Rausa said Webb confessed because he “was on his deathbed, looking to come to Jesus at that point.” I will link up the story in tomorrow morning’s blog.  Webb told the authorities immediately after the moment he killed the mother and daughter – he had ruined his life forever.  HE cried himself to sleep that night.  When asked why he confessed he said he was on his deathbed and looking to come to Jesus.  Hours before the two bodies were found, Webb died in police custody.

Freely we have been forgiven, freely we must forgive.  He commands, forgive as the Lord has forgiven you.  On the basis of his confession, this murderer is free of his guilt and he has found forgiveness in Jesus.  We start almost every worship with confession and absolution so that you be free of that guilt.  If there is a sin that bothers you, don’t let Satan plague your soul.  Talk to me or another trusted Christian and find forgiveness.

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