Start a New Way of Living! God Loves You!

Sermons on Epiphany

Transfigure Your Love

Can you imagine God in all his glory? I was recently blinded by the sun while driving and didn’t enjoy it. Blinding light is painful. Why do we need to see Jesus in all his glory a few days before Lent? Because spending time focusing on our sin can be a dark experience. Can our God handle the worst we can throw at him? Watch to find out!

What Would Jesus Eat?

How should I follow? There are so many variables… Should I eat everything creation has to offer? …or are there items that should never touch my plate? play sports or not, work or not, get married or not, if you are married – when and how many children to have, dance or not, drink a beer or a glass of wine or not, watch movies or not, gamble or not, and there, are of course, more. This Sunday we close out series on the call of our God with a look at how God wants us to follow him.

On Location

“This is my Son whom I love. With him I am well pleased!” These words thundered over the Jordan River. Maybe the first reaction of the casual people bathing in the cool water that day was to run. But if we take a second to consider those transformative words, we’ll find that Jesus’ baptism and the Father’s words have incredible meaning for us even today. By faith you can take those words to heart. Yes, the Father is pleased with you because of Jesus.

You are the salt of the world.

Salty Christians

Has anyone ever accused you of being salty? According to Jesus – if you understand what he’s saying – that might be a complement. Salt preserves, heals, and gives a little seasoning to everything it touches. Want to know how it can be a good thing to be a “salty” Christian? Watch and find out!