Resurrection Reality – Overcoming the World

Resurrection Reality – Overcoming the World is our theme for the sixth Sunday in Easter.  This is a timely theme.  There is a lot in the world to overcome!

I know what it means for my favorite team to overcome their opponent in a Sunday morning football game.  I know what it means to overcome the IRS in a tax audit.  I volunteered one morning as a proctor for an End of Grade test at my children’s school.  Posters were all around the room from parents encouraging their kids to “beat the EOG” – pass the test.  How do I overcome the world?

How many of you have seen the family that survived a tornado?  This is a family from Hawley, Texas after a tornado ripped through the town destroying their home.  Storm chasers ran in an pulled them out of the rubble.  It’s been a rough spring.  7,000 homes were damaged representing $2.1 billion in losses in two days.  How have these people overcome the world?  How can you overcome the world when ends will not meet no matter how hard you squeeze your paycheck and your budget?  How can you overcome the world when your relationships are crumbling?  Why can marriages always be a joy?  Why do my friends treat me this way?  We haven’t even gotten to the sin that sticks to your soul – it’s like a pitcher of lemonade dumped on a kitchen floor.  The problem is you’ve mopped it six times and it’s still sticky.  You can’t remove the sin from your soul and you know that it’s a problem between you and God.  If it’s not cleaned up by the time your life is done, you won’t go to heaven.  Hell is real.  12 He who does not have the Son of God does not have life.  That’s eternal life.

Want to hear more about how Jesus holds our hand through the trials of life?  …and how he forgives the disaster of our sinful lives?  Watch this week’s message taken from 1 John 5: Resurrection Reality – Overcoming the World.