Believe What I Can See

“I only believe what I can see!”  Really, do you only believe what you can see?  Can you really prove that something doesn’t exist?  Is Atheism an uplifting world view?  Do agnostics really have a hard time understanding or is it a willful ignorance?  This question is for the skeptic in all of us.  At first glance it seems worthy of a respect.  “Maybe these people just want to think things through.”

What made Simeon’s song in Luke 2 powerful wasn’t the great things he said the Messiah would accomplish.  What made it so wondrous was that the person was only a baby held in his arms!  In case you aren’t impressed just yet understand that every Christian has LESS to go on than Simeon and is a fulfillment of Jesus Easter promise.  Blessed are those who have not seen and yet believe.  Faith is – in fact – a miracle of God.  We don’t need to see Jesus to believe in him because – as Scripture says – we live by faith and not by sight.

So what of the atheist?  When you hear music, what it is really?  When you see art, fall in love, or enjoy a meal, what it is really?  Can everything truly be broken down to is primal bits of 1s and 0s?  Is pleasure just a dopamine kick?  Take this run of logic to its end and there is nothing.  The world is truly meaningless.  In fact for the atheist, there CAN’T be meaning.  As soon as you call to existence an “unmoved mover” you run the risk of acknowledging God.  This ignores the wonders of creation and forces you down the pathetic attempt at science called evolution.

Want to hear more including how the agnostic views the world?  Watch this week’s Bible class taken from our series on apologetics: Not Sorry – I only believe what I can see.

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