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The prayer of a righteous man is powerful and effective.

High Priestly Prayer

On the night before Jesus was betrayed he took time to eat with his disciples. He also prayed for himself, the disciples under his charge, and then for all believers. There is much that we can learn from this prayer by our Lord.

The sermon on the mount reminds us of God's will for our lives.

The Sermon on the Mount I

What comfort can the Law bring? Not much. The only comfort in the Law is that Jesus kept it all for us perfectly. No, the Law doesn’t offer comfort for our souls, but it does offer guidance and possibly necessary change for our lives. Jesus is the greatest agent for change the world has ever seen!

The seven words he spoke On Good Friday Jesus died for the sins of the world.

Christ Our Substitute

Jesus came to die for the sins of the world. This is clear from the Gospel accounts. How much did the Old Testament Christians know? If they read through Isaiah 53 it was as if they were standing at the foot of the cross, watching the suffering servant die for their sins. They were the first witnesses of the resurrection. There is good reason that Isaiah is known as the 5th gospel!