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Sunday Bible Class

In the town of David a Savior has been born.

Christmas in July

It can be hard to snap into the warmth of the Christmas spirit in July.  The reason is because it’s too hot!  All joking aside – the Christmas spirit has nothing to do with hot chocolate and pine trees decked out in tinsel.  The Christmas spirit is the joy of knowing that God kept his promise to send a Savior.

The Tower of Babel explains where all of the different languages came from.

VIC – Genesis 11

Ever wonder why there are so many different languages? What would the world be like if there was just one language? Would there be war? Would the world have just one culture? The study of how languages develop and function are fascinating. Genesis 11 offers real answers and real judgement on the many different languages and the rampant love of self, not God, in our world.

Moses was so close! Moses was not allowed to enter the Promised Land.

So Close

Moses had been through so much. At the age of 120 he had lived three different lives. He was the prince of Egypt who failed to start a rebellion for his people. He was a humble shepherd who started a family and lived in peace. At age 80 God called Moses to bring his people home to Canaan. For all that Moses had been through, for as close as Moses was to the Promised Land, he would only be allowed to see it from a distance. We close out our Bible study Counting on God this Sunday following worship.

Count the Troops

In the second chapter of Numbers God counted all of the people. 40 years have passed since that event, God’s people are about to enter the Promised Land of Canaan. God calls for the nation to be counted again. What is the result? Watch to find out!

Ask Anything

Ask Anything

You’ve got questions? God has the answers. Following worship today Pastor Guldberg will answer a few of the congregation’s questions LIVE! Questions will but submitted during the offering and answered immediately following worship. Watching LIVE? Text Pastor Fred @ 336-705-1523!