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Christmas with Luther – Christmas Tree

There are a number of legends that surround the Christmas Tree.  Luther most likely didn’t invent the concept, but the idea of using a tree in the winter during Liturgical Plays was common in Luther’s day. December 24th was the Festival of Adam and Eve.  With most of the population illiterate these festivals and the […]

Second Sunday in Advent

Joy and peace! These are words that flow through the Christmas season. How easily can you see them in your life? Do you hear songs on the radio but fail to feel that Christmas Spirit? It shouldn’t surprise us when the bells and whistles of the holiday season leave us empty. God wants to fill us with his joy and peace.

Advent Worship 2014

Once a year we gather midweek during the season of Advent for a service of lessons and carols. This is not a Christmas service celebrating his birth. It is an Advent service that considers the Old Testament prophesies pointing to his coming. What did God’s people know about Jesus’ coming? See how God made the […]

What is Advent?

Have you ever had company over for Christmas? Some of my fondest memories growing up are the moments before family and friends arrived at our house. Advent is a Latin word that means coming. Who’s coming for Christmas? Well, Jesus, of course! Advent is a season of preparation. If you would clean the house to […]