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RefTalk 6 – By Scripture Alone

There are so many place to learn about God… or so it might seem.  The number one place that people looks for divine inspiration today seems to be in the mirror.  “I don’t think that’s what God wants.”  That may seem a little bold to put words in God’s mouth, but it seems to roll off the tongue all too easily.  This is true for Christian.  How can we really know what God has to say?  Look in his word – the Bible will never steer you in the wrong direction.

The Christian in the Church

The Christian church is made up of some of the worst sinners on the planet with checkered pasts and questionable futures, apart from Christ. How can God bring his people together to accomplish anything?! Watch our Bible study on the Christian in the Church.

God's Word is the only place to learn that Jesus died for your sins.

By His Wounds We Are Healed – God’s Word

Where can you go to find God? There are some who take to the golf course or watch the sun rise or set over a body of water. Maybe you enjoy spending time with your family and friends. On the most joyous occasions – apart from God’s word – you still won’t find Jesus. Watch and find out why God’s Word is the only place you can find Jesus.