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The wind blows through the leaves, just like the Spirit goes with the Gospel.


Go into all the world! Oh, is that all… How can such a huge task be accomplished by only Christians? Easy. One soul at a time! That might not seem like the best way to go in a world of social media and the internet, but friendship evangelism is still a powerful method of sharing our Savior.

The Christian in the Community

We live in a godless world that hates our Lord. So what’s the good news? God has placed us there to be his witnesses. There is much more to that. How can we interact and function in a society that is so counter to everything that the Christian stands for? Watch and find out!

Seeds blow in the wind like the seeds of the gospel.

Managing Expectations

When we share the gospel will people always believe what our God says? Probably not. That doesn’t mean that we’re doing anything wrong. Jesus lays out for us what can happen as we sow the seeds of the gospel. This is the final lesson in a 12 week series on Evangelism.

The disciples were ordinary men. God used them for extraordinary work in his kingdom.

Facing Opposition

Opposition and persecution will follow a Christian. We are not of the world, just as Jesus was not of the world. However God has placed us in the the world. What should we do when we face opposition? Watch and find out!

Success means different things to different people. Trusting in God for salvation is the only means to success.

Present the Cost

When a person becomes a Christian will life become easier or harder? Is the life of a Christian full of joy or heart ache? Life long Christians know the answer to these questions. It is important that new Christians not get the wrong idea that too many present. We show them the theology of the cross not the false theology of glory. Our God will never leave us or forsake us.  Heaven is our home.

Share your faith with a stranger and they might be your friend in heaven.

Talking to Strangers

When Philip when to speak with the Ethiopian Eunuch, he was talking to a complete stranger. There are times when we will speak to people who won’t join our church, but by the power of the Spirit our witness will impact them forever.

Friends are a gift from God. Why not share the Savior, Jesus, with them?

Friendship Evangelism

Should you walk up to your friends with a Bible in your hand at all times? Do you need to go out of your way to make new friends, just so that you can witness your faith? Is it worth the risk to speak of your savior? Watch and find out!

Sometimes it can be difficult to talk to people about our Savior. Why not try a different approach?

Creative Communication

Have you ever met someone who only wants to talk about religion in an intellectual way? Being creative in our response will be helpful. Some people learn better through doing or seeing. Others can simply hear a message and take it to heart. What way will work for you? Watch and find out.