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RefTalk 2 – Law and Gospel

Knowing the difference between the law and the gospel is so simple that a young child in Sunday school can spot the difference, but knowing when to use the law or the gospel is a whole different matter. Martin Luther’s 1st of the 95 Thesis spoke of repentance. The daily application of the Law and the Gospel to the heart of a sinner makes a real difference.

Martin Luther pounded the 95 Thesis onto the castle church door in Wittenburg.

95 Thesis for the 21st Century

The CELC’s Ninety-Five Theses for the 21st Century, unlike Luther’s, present all the basic teachings of the Bible as confessed in the Lutheran Church. They are organized according to the outline of Luther’s Catechism, which to this day is treasured as a teaching tool in the churches of the CELC.

Reformation Remembrance – Purgatory

Would you find comfort in knowing that you wouldn’t have to work off all of the satisfaction for your sins? It makes sense to our fallen logic. I just need more time. If I could only have more time, I could please my holy God.

Jesus has made all the satisfaction that we could ever need. We can never work off any of our sin. There is no comfort in purgatory. The only place to put our hope is Jesus.