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Anger Mangement

Following worship, we’ll pick up our series on the book of Numbers, Counting on God: Anger Management. Of the two million people that left Egypt, only two set foot into the Promised Land of Canaan. Caleb and Joshua – the two God-fearing spies. What about Moses?! We’ll talk about what happened. And what were those three items in the Ark?

This Bud’s For Aaron

How would you pick your leader? God was the one who picked the leaders as his people wandered their way to the Promised Land. How exactly? It involved making a few buds on a stick. Want to hear the rest of the story? Watch Sunday’s Bible study taken from Numbers 16 and 17.


What does rebellion look like? Just watch God’s own people as they wander their way to the Promised Land. See how God handles sinners on a first-hand basis. Are we really any different? Come and find out during our Bible study – Counting on God – immediately following worship.

Moses was an amazing hero of faith, but his attitude before God might surprise you! Moses was afraid. God was patient.

Burning Bush

Moses is a fascinating example not because he is a strong leader, but because he is a coward. God takes away all of his excuses and Moses simply doesn’t want to follow God’s will. Are we any different?