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The Wartburg Castle

RefTalk 7 – Law and Gospel

Law and Gospel are the two main teachings of the Bible. They also serve as the basis for our understanding of Scripture. Using Luther’s tower experience Aaron Goetzinger describes Luther’s struggle to understand the correct distinction between Law and Gospel.

Saturday Evening Stroll

What’s so bad about gathering wood?  Nothing, unless God explicitly tells you that you can’t.  There were very detailed laws that God created for the nation of Israel that do not apply to us today.  Why was God so serious? Watch to find out!

RefTalk 2 – Law and Gospel

Knowing the difference between the law and the gospel is so simple that a young child in Sunday school can spot the difference, but knowing when to use the law or the gospel is a whole different matter. Martin Luther’s 1st of the 95 Thesis spoke of repentance. The daily application of the Law and the Gospel to the heart of a sinner makes a real difference.

Another Way

How can we get to heaven? An expert in the Law of Moses asked Jesus that question. Jesus’ answer may be surprising, but if we could be perfect in every way, we would reach eternal life. There are many problems with this idea. Jesus offered up the concept to start a discussion. We continue that discussion on God’s Law in our Bible class this morning. Is there really only one way to heaven? Come and find out!

By Grace Alone 2

How can you share bad news? That can be a tricky question to answer because there isn’t really a good way. Sharing the bad news of God’s Law is vital to a spiritual conversation. People will not be interested in the good news of the gospel unless they see how badly they need the forgiveness that Jesus offers.

The sermon on the mount reminds us of God's will for our lives.

The Sermon on the Mount I

What comfort can the Law bring? Not much. The only comfort in the Law is that Jesus kept it all for us perfectly. No, the Law doesn’t offer comfort for our souls, but it does offer guidance and possibly necessary change for our lives. Jesus is the greatest agent for change the world has ever seen!