A Crutch for the Weak

Is Christianity a crutch for the weak?  I suppose so.  I know that I’m weak.  I find my strength in Jesus alone.  But I don’t think that the people who said this about my faith were trying to point me to the cross.  Calling Christianity a crutch for the weak is an attack on the faith.  How could we defend against this?

First let’s expose the attack for what it is.  The real accusation is that Christianity is not real or true.  I could rattle off a series of proofs that the faith I hold to is in fact real and true, but the one who would say this isn’t interested in evidence.  The witness of Scripture, the resurrection, eye witness accounts would all fall on deaf ears.  A better defense that I have heard points to the heart of the matter.  Let’s consider weakness.

Who isn’t weak?  The strongest, most gifted among us have a knack for buckling under pressure and using controlled substances – drugs and alcohol for seemingly no good reason.  There is an epidemic of pain – physical pain to be sure, but emotional pain too.  Drugs of all kinds can numb just about anything for a time, but that doesn’t remove the pain or it’s cause.

The harsh truth that the crass objection is trying to ignore is that everyone is weak.  Who among us is sufficient for our own lives, let along trying to live up to God’s heavenly high standards?  This brings us to one of the paradoxes of our faith.  “My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.”

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