No Such Thing As Truth

Truth might seem like a simple concept.  There is true and false.  If something is true, it’s a reality of life.  Modern philosophy, and as we’ll see ancient philosophy, would like you to believe that it’s not that simple.

Let’s try something simple.  “This chair is holding me up right now.”  That’s a truth.  The world around us has endless similar truths that are impossible – or at least irrational – to deny.  Let’s try something a little harder.  “There is a right and a wrong in this world.”  Whoah, we just dipped our toe into the topic of morals.  This is dangerous.  The reason it’s dangerous is because it just scratches the surface of topics like absolute truth, conscience, and accountability.

If you want to stop reading because this is getting too intense for you, let me stop you.  The God who wrote those absolute truths down on your heart is the same God who loves you so intensely that he was willing to die for you (see the sermon message from this Sunday – a Word of Accomplishment).  That doesn’t make God’s Law any less absolute, but it does frame the problem for you.  This is a divine judge who demands perfection, but this is also my redeemer.

This apologetic question isn’t really a hard one for me because I am oh, so comfortable with the truth.  This truth includes with it a bridge that spans from death to life, from time to eternity.  This is the truth that I’ve offered at the graveside of a brother or sister now fallen asleep in the arms of my Lord Jesus.  This is the truth that even in the throws of a pandemic that has shut down the most prosperous economy in the history of the world, my God is still in control.  I don’t need my own truth (as if that’s anything), I have God’s.

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