Fruit of the Spirit: Faithfulness and Gentleness

The Fruit of the Spirit is faithfulness and gentleness.  These qualities aren’t really all that common in our society with one exception.  Mothers are faithful and gentle.  It is by their example that little boys learn that they shouldn’t throw everything across the room.  (Who knew dolls aren’t projectile weapons?!)  It is by their witness that the Spirit enters into young hearts.  Moms are often the first missionaries, reading Bible stories and praying with children everyday.

But before we get too deep we should consider our God.  He is perfectly faithful and gentle.  From generation to generation our God is gentle with his grace and forgiveness.  He doesn’t deal with us as our sins deserve.  It is through the gentle whisper of the gospel that we know who our God is.

When the prophet Elijah was running for his life in 1 Kings 19, he went out into the wilderness.  He had what appears to be a nervous breakdown.  This might seem strange at a first glance because through Elijah God had just accomplished one of the great miracles of the Old Testament.  God sent fire down from heaven and consumed a sacrifice in front of all of Israel and in front of pagan priests.  It was a great show of power from our God.  The problem was that it didn’t accomplish the result that Elijah wanted.  You see God changes hearts with his word.  There isn’t rushing wind, earthquakes, or balls of fire when this happens.  God has promised to work through the gentle whisper of his word.

So how will you show your faithfulness and gentleness this week?  Call your mother.

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