Worship Windows – Redemption

Redemption is costly.  How much would you pay to have someone you love returned from captivity or slavery?  How much would you pay to have someone you don’t know returned?  Finally, how much would you pay to have your worst enemy returned?  That last one, maybe the last two might be harder.  Maybe you would even throw $20 to KEEP your worst enemy in captivity!

The 2nd Article of the Apostle Creed is all about Jesus.  To be sure there is alot of confusion about Jesus.  But what about you?  Who do you say Jesus is?

During the Bible class we watched THIS video.  It’s a well done confession of who Jesus is.  I showed it because even though we can’t always give the perfect answer when someone asks us about our God, we don’t have to.  God calls us to witness our faith.  When the Apostle Peter answered Jesus’ question – Who do you say I am?  Peter called Jesus the Christ.  That is a great answer, but for so many people that alone – with no other explanation wouldn’t help.  I don’t know that there is a perfect answer, depending on the situation and time available.  Everyone’s situation and the people God has placed in your life is different.  This is where the 2nd Article of the Apostle’s Creed is a great road map for who Jesus is.

In the Bible class from Sunday we break down quickly the nuts and bolts of Christology.  How Jesus was both God and man in the same person.  It’s not difficult to show this from Scripture.  And then from there we look at why Jesus NEEDED to be God and man.  Jesus needed to be man so that he could live in our place and die in our place.  Jesus needed to be God so that his sacrifice could pay for the sins of everyone in the world for all time.

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