Worship Windows – Marriage

Marriage is God’s idea.  That’s an important place to start anytime you walk into a deep subject like marriage.  This is important because if marriage is a societal norm and a long-standing tradition, those can change and even be kicked to the curb.  But marriage is far more than that.  The family made of a marriage between a husband and wife is the basic building block of society.  When that basic unit falls apart the rest of society will fall apart as well.  No public school program can possible be a fix for broken homes that blanket our nation.  This video does a good job of starting with the head of the house and addressing some of the issues of our broken society.

So let’s consider why marriages fall apart.  Time of Grace does a great job of answering the question why a marriage can fall apart so easily in our age.  It has to do with expectations.  What do you expect to get from your marriage.  Do you understand the depth of your own depravity.  You are a sinner of a world class scale who happened to marry a world class sinner.  This will be difficult!  God gives all husbands and wives the tools they need, namely love and forgiveness, to weather the storms and create a successful marriage.

Finally we spend some time on communication.  This video lists some of the phrases you shouldn’t say to your spouse.  The Christian home needs to be a place where husband and wife can find peace for their bodies and their souls.  It is in the Christian home where we can be built up emotionally and spiritually.  It is the first place where Jesus is introduced in great detail to children and where the incredible deeds of our God are shared.

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