Summer Catechism: Address

The address of a letter is important.  It’s there that we identify with whom we are speaking.  The Lord’s Prayer is a model for us to follow and a frequent visitor to the prayer life of the Christian. This morning we examine the Address. It’s important in any conversation, letter or prayer, to examine with whom you are speaking. In prayer we are talking to God Almighty.

Jesus points us to the Father.  When we pray, we go to God who is our Father in heaven.  If God is our Father, what does that make us?  His children, of course!  AND that also means that we are part of God’s family.  There is alot to unpack here, so let’s get started.

As a child in a family what do you enjoy?  Food, shelter, love, belonging.  You have all of those and more with the relationship that you enjoy with your Heavenly Father.  AND that means everything in that short list are absolutely valid prayer fodder.  Remember, you don’t NEED to pray so that you can remind God of his responsibilities to you.  God the Father protects and provides for you and every creature on the planet.  It’s what he does because he is good.  We need to pray so that we are reminded where everything comes from!  AND we need to remember to received all of those wonderful blessings with thanksgiving.  Even though our Heavenly Father gives us exactly what we need and often so much more, how often don’t we grumble because we think it wasn’t enough?

Next up our status.  Just being part of a family comes with some awesome privileges!  We are heirs of God’s kingdom.  Yes, that mean that we will inherit a kingdom!  Want to hear more, including those details of our inheritance?  Watch this week’s lesson from our summer series on the Lord’s Prayer – The Address.

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