Summer Catechism: Introduction to Prayer

This Sunday we began our Summer Bible class series on the Catechism.  We’ll walk through some of the basic teachings of our faith.  We’ll start with and introduction to prayer.  One of the strengths of this Bible class is the discussion at the end.  We’ll touch on all of these questions as we work through the Lord’s Prayer, but there were a couple great questions asked.

  • Should we pray about anything?  The short answer is yes!  God wants to hear about everything in your life.  Tell him about your day at work or school.  Praise him for keeping you safe and providing for all of your needs.  Of the seven petitions of the Lord’s Prayer, six are reserved for spiritual matters.  That doesn’t mean that God doesn’t care about the physical necessities of life!   HERE is a book that offers prayer suggestions on MANY different topics.
  • What is God’s will about my friend who is sick?  Can I pray what I want to happen?  What if that doesn’t line up with God’s will?  The short answer is that we don’t know what God’s will is exactly.  If a person’s health continues to decline, it’s not a huge jump in logic to wonder rightly that God might be using that illness or condition to call the loved one out of this life.  Even if that is the case, it’s not wrong to pray, God spare his life.  I’m not ready to have him die.  That honest ache of a prayer is heard by your God and answered for your eternal good according to his perfect, holy will.

Want to hear more?  …including a list of passages walking through some of the essentials of our prayer life?  Then watch this week’s Bible class the first in our summer series on the Catechism.

Please click HERE for the Bible class slides.