Summer Catechism: Second Petition

The second petition is all about kingdoms.  There are three different kingdoms that our God rules over. The kingdoms of this world, now known as nations would be the first example. The second kingdom would be the gracious ruling of our Savior in the heart of every believer. The third kingdom is the eternal one that we only see in part by faith. One day we will be in the glorious kingdom of Jesus’ heavenly reign.

But this information still leaves a few questions for us to work through.  For starters, why do I pray this petition if I’m already a Christian?  That answer to that question has to do with what God’s kingdom is.

Consider earthly kingdoms.  There are boundaries.  In fact if there are no boundaries – physically speaking – there can’t be an earthy kingdom.  The boundaries of God’s kingdom of grace are hearts of believing Christians around the world.  Earthly kingdoms also exercise power.  Laws are passed, taxes are collected, armies are raised for national defense.  In the kingdom of grace Jesus reigns.  He rules in the heart of a believer.

When we pray the second petition of the Lord’s Prayer, we are asking that our God rule more completely in our hearts.  The reality is that there are many forces – includes our sin-stained hearts that constantly try and de-throne Jesus from his rightful place of #1.  We also pray that God might use us to spread his kingdom into hearts that don’t know their loving Savior.

Want to hear more, including how we can make God’s kingdom come?  Watch this week’s lesson from our summer series on the Lord’s Prayer – The Second Petition.

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