Summer Catechism: Fourth Petition

Consider the Fourth Petition. There are seven petitions in the Lord’s prayer, but only one that focuses on our daily needs. The fourth petition is important because it reminds us to pray for the things that God gives us everyday. We do this not to remind God, but remind ourselves 1) where these gifts come from and 2) to receive them with thanksgiving.

So let’s break this down – not by doctrine, but by challenge to the doctrine.  Consider…

Our affluence can make the Fourth Petition nothing but a ritual.  This can be true.  How many of us act like our God doesn’t exist when it comes to our possessions.  I know that it’s your boss’ signature at the bottom of your paycheck, but that money is really coming from God.  When we don’t give a second thought to the source of our breakfast, it can make it difficult to be thankful.

Purchasing insurance can be a sin. This one might seem like it’s from left field, but this was a very real concern.  Should you simply trust that God will provide for your daily needs or purchase an insurance product?  Some Christians – including ones in our church body – have said that insurance was sinful.  It betrayed a lack of faith.  This simply isn’t true.  There is nothing wrong with the good stewardship that insurance products can offer.

There is a relationship between worry on the one hand and the confusion over a necessity (need) and a luxury (want) on the other.   We talk about needs and wants frequently, but do we ever connect the dots between WORRY and needs and wants.  How often do we worry about things that we don’t need?  How foolish!  How often do I fall into this trap.  May God guard our hearts from worry and obsessing about wants.

Want to hear more… including how God provides for every living thing?  Watch this week’s lesson from our summer series on the Lord’s Prayer – The Fourth Petition.

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