The Bible – Abraham Tested

Abraham Tested is the theme for the first lesson in our latest Bible study series.  The History Channel created a series on a handful of chapters from the Bible.  These videos will serve as a catalyst for discussion in our study.  Genesis 22 contained the account of the full story.

God commands Abraham to sacrifice his son.  The compelling dialogue in the video and in the account tug at the heart strings of the viewer or the reader.  It doesn’t take a huge jump to see our Savior in parts of the story either.  Just as Isaac carried the wood for the sacrifice, Jesus carried his own cross.  Just as Abraham was about to sacrifice his only son, our Heavenly Father did sacrifice his only Son, Jesus.  While those comparisons are harmless and any time we see Jesus in the Scripture is good.  I think that in this account especially there is a better place to see Jesus.

The Old Testament system of worship was wrapped up in blood and death.  This wasn’t because it was morbid or macabre.  The reason for this focus was our sin.  The soul that sins is the one that will die.  This must be the reality of living in a universe with a holy God.  We do.  Our consciences remind of this every day!  Something has to die because of my sin.  It should be me, but it’s not going to be me because there is a sacrifice that takes my place.  That sacrifice is the substitute for me.  Along that right and Scriptural logical path we see Jesus most brightly in the ram who was caught in the thicket.  That ram took Isaac’s place on the altar just as Jesus takes our place.  His perfection is ours; our sin is laid on him.

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