I AM – The Bread of Life

I AM – The Bread of Life is the second lesson in our series on the person of Jesus.  The crowds were following Jesus.  Some came to see the Savior of the word.  God’s promise of a Messiah was being fulfilled before their very eyes!  The trouble was that not everyone wanted what Jesus was offering them.

They had just had a free meal – not a bad thing.  But the mercy that Jesus showed to a hoard of people who were listening to his sermon, didn’t mean that Jesus’ goal in life was to give them free food.  Jesus was and is the Bread of Life.  The people were to seek out bread that didn’t spoil.  For a moment this sounded good to them until they figured out that Jesus was claiming to be that very bread.  It was Jesus who could fill them so full that they would never hunger again.  It was Jesus, and only Jesus, who could quench the thirst of a guilty soul.

Instead of worshipping the Son of God, they wanted nothing to do with him.  Luther described the attitude of the people this way:

They love God as lice love a tramp; far from being interested in his welfare, their one concern is to feed on him and suck his blood. Our love for the Gospel is like that. We seek nothing but gluttony and our own selfish interest.

Harsh words from the reformer, but then, Luther always did have a way with words.  He wasn’t always kind about it.

I think we need to hear that warning.  The attitude of how God is just there for our immediate wants and needs infects us too.  It infects pastors!  Jesus offers us himself along with his gifts of forgiveness, peace, and joy.

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