I AM – The Vine

I AM – The Vine is our final study in our series on the person of Jesus. What is your connection to Jesus?

The simple answer is through his word.  That is how we stand before our God – clean!  Our connection to Jesus is the key.  Through the word we are forgiven, made alive, and inspired to live for him!

But what about the pruning?

Just because we are connected to Jesus doesn’t mean that there isn’t room for improvement.  Just because we are justified – that is – declared not guilty in Jesus, doesn’t mean that there is no room for sanctification.  Everyday we throw off our sin and strive to become more Christ-like.  Part of this process is pruning.

Loppers or Shears

The Father takes out his loppers or shears and starts cutting away at our lives.  If this sounds a little scary, I agree!  I like most every part of my life.  If the Father, in his infinite wisdom, takes something away from me, I know that he has done so for my eternal good.  I may not always agree with him.  It’s at those times that fall on my knees with Job and say, The Lord gave, the Lord has taken away.  May the name of the Lord be praised.

So me the clippings!

What does this look like in your life?  That’s hard to say.  I know for me – God has taken away things in my life that were important to me.  Almost a year ago, I suffered two concussions in ten days.  This was too many for me (a solid day of migraines made that obvious).  I stopped playing soccer.  There is a huge list of other activities that I can do besides soccer.  Soccer wasn’t a bad thing – it’s just a game.  But I needed to go in a different direction.

Maybe for you there is an activity that is leading you down a path that – while not wrong – might end up getting to a place you don’t need to be.

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