Confessions Are Good for the Soul

Confessions Are Good for the Soul is the first in a series of studies that will close out our church year.  The season of End Times is extremely important.  Starting this Sunday as we march to the end of the church year we’ll spend one Sunday on a few different topics:

  • Confessions Are Good for the Soul
  • Halloween
  • Reformation
  • The Last Judgment
  • Heaven
  • Christ the King

Each of these topics comes up routinely in the lives of God’s people so it is worth one last look at each before we go into the holiday season with the start of Advent.

The confession of faith might not be something that you give much thought to on a Sunday morning.  Right after the sermon we confess our Christian faith using the words of a variety of creeds.  The truths in all of the confessions are a reflection of the truths in Scripture.  We believe; therefore we speak.

When I go to visit a church member who is nearing death, I often ask them for a confession of faith.  I’ll ask, Who is Jesus?  There are a number of different ways to answer that.  He is God, my Savior, my best friend, my Good Shepherd, etc.  All of those are good.  All of those answers are reflections of what is in the person’s soul.

That also cuts another way.  If you walk into a church and they offer a confession of faith that isn’t one of the traditional historic creeds embraced by the Christian faith, that could be a red flag.  THIS is an example of another creed known as the Sparkle Creed.  It’s not based on the truths of the Bible, but when you hear it, you have a really good idea of what that church teaches.  Sadly it was confessed in a Lutheran church in Minnesota.

Want to hear more?  Watch this week’s Bible study Confessions Are Good for the Soul.

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