The Last Day

The Last Day is something good right?  Is it safe to say that I’m looking forward to the end of the world?  Do I feel fine?

One Little Word

If you walk away from our brief study on the Last Day with nothing else, you should know that you are forgiven in Jesus.  The reason you don’t need to fear the Last Day is the same reason you can go confidently to your heavenly Father in prayer.  This is the same reason you can get back to the daily grind knowing you don’t work for a pay check – you work for the Lord.  Jesus changes how you function in your marriage.  The Last Day might be the last thing to be concerned about when you see all the other areas of life that Jesus has you covered in!  But let’s spend some time thinking about the end.

Word Salad

I think part of what makes the Last Day so intimidating is how some Christian complicate what is really is simple topic.  Instead of saying that Jesus will come to take his Christians home, you get a confusing tangled web of pre or post tribulation, rapture, millennium, and apostacy.  So let’s quickly run through some of the words.

  • Apostacy – It simply means a falling away.  Are there some Christians who fall away from the faith?  Yes.  Does that mean you will?  No.
  • Rapture – On the Last Day the dead will rise from the dead and all Christians every where will meet their Lord in the air…  and then the world ends.
  • Millennium – There are many Christians who mistakenly believe that there will be a physical reign of Jesus on the earth for 1000 years.  This isn’t Scriptural.

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