Angels and Demons 4 – The Fall

Angels and Demons 4 – The Fall starts a dark look at the spirit world.  There are evil angels.  They rebelled against God.  There wasn’t time to go through everything on Sunday on this topic, so we’ll give you a little more information.

How did Satan fall, or why did Satan fall from grace?  This angel was created to be perfect, after all…  this passage from Isaiah 14 gives us a commentary on the topic.  This passage seems to be talking about the king of Tyre, but the description also could be talking about Satan.  All of the passages speak of 1) pride and 2) rebellion.  Satan thought too much of himself and rebelled against God.

We wonder how many demons there are.  Jesus meets an angel named legion because there were many demons in the person.  This passage from Revelation helps.  It doesn’t give us a concrete number, but it does give us a percentage of 1/3 being swept away in the fall of the evil angels.

How powerful are evil angels? They can do miracles and wonders.  This passage from Exodus reminds us that magic doesn’t just come from… Pharaoh.  There are two sources of supernatural power in world – God and the devil.  The devil doesn’t go punch for punch in Exodus.  His power is limited.

There are a number of names for demons and the devil.  Often these names are descriptions of who angels are and what they do.

Satan = Enemy, Accuser

Devil = Liar, slanderer

Abaddon (Hebrew) = The Destroyer

Apollyon (Greek) = The Destroyer

Beelzebub = Lord of the Flies

Belial (Hebrew) = Worthlessness

There are other names for the devil that speak for themselves…

Murderer, Red dragon, the ancient serpent, prince of this world, ruler of the kingdom of the air, the spirit who is at work in those who are disobedient, the evil one, the tempter, roaring lion, the god of this age.

Want to hear more?  Watch this week’s study – the final in our series on the Angels and Demons 4 – The Fall.

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