Angels and Demons 6 – Witchcraft

Angels and Demons 6 – Witchcraft picks up where we left off before the season of Lent.  We took a break and for the season of the Passion of our Lord to focus on the Lenten lessons.  But it’s Easter!  We’re back at Angels and Demons.

Who is the most famous witch in the world? Harry Potter has a few. What about Marvel’s witch? From movies, to plays, to old TV shows, witches have become a part of our culture. The topic of Witchcraft has more to do with nature worship and neo-paganism than pop culture. Today we’ll see if witches really ride brooms… and was there a witch in the Bible?!

We cover the majority of the topics on witchcraft in our study, but I wanted to give the Witch of Endor more attention.  You can read about her in 1 Samuel 28.  King Saul had gone off the deep end.  Samuel, a prophet and the last Judge, told Saul that God had left him.  Saul had ignored one rebuke after another from our God through a variety of people.  It was all crashing down around King Saul.  He needed some information because he was worried.  His enemies were surrounding him.  What was he supposed to do.  He needed to speak with Samuel one more time, but there was a problem.  Samuel was dead.  We’ll get into spiritism more in a couple weeks, but Saul went to go find a medium.  This is a person who communicates with the dead – or so they think.

The problem with communicating with the dead is that no where does God promise that this is possible.  In this instance, you can see the Witch of Endor’s reaction, this didn’t normally happen.  When we go into areas that God has forbidden, nothing good will happen.  Saul only heard bad news.  The real problem is that Satan could just have used a demon to deceive Saul.  As we’ve talked about earlier in our study, the devil lies.  That’s all he does.  Why would you ever go looking for reliable information from a liar?  We have a source for truth in this changing world – God’s Word, the Bible, will never take you down the wrong path.

Want to hear more?  Please watch this week’s study Angels and Demons 6 – Witchcraft.