God Demands Worship

What kind of a God demands worship?  My first reaction to the question is… “When you say it like that… it sounds bad.”  But not really.  No one has to pry the praise from my lips.  I happily offer my life not just my song in praise to my God.  Everything that I do, think, and say is my spiritual act of worship to my God.  That said – in fairness to the question – if you gave me true false statement, “God demands my worship.”  The answer is a resounding TRUE.

None of that is really an explanation.  Not really…  We had a rolling discussion in Bible class about how this is one of the harder questions to answer because if you’re a Christian, the answer is self-evident.  If you’re not, you can’t begin to understand.

The three directions that we went to try and explain were the wise men, creation (natural knowledge of God), and the centurion at the cross.  The wise men are a great example because of the lengths they went to so that they could worship.  The centurion at the cross was not a Christian, had no reason to adore Christ, but he did because he couldn’t help himself.  He saw the earthquake, the sun stop shining.  He saw God die and it moved him to his core.  That’s not easy to accomplish when the subject is a battle hardened centurion for whom overseeing another execution was just a day at the office.

That brings us to the final one – creation.  Psalm 19 reminds us that the sky proclaims God’s handiwork.  It wasn’t difficult to go around the church solicit examples of God’s glory in creation.  Even in a fallen state everything is fearfully and wonderfully made.

Want to hear more?  Watch this week’s Bible class from our series on Apologetics – Not Sorry: What kind of God demands worship?

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