Where is God

Where is God? I don’t think that it necessarily matters what the pain is. At some point, all of us have asked this question. The answer can be difficult. So often there isn’t an answer that would satisfy the person who is hurting. This doesn’t mean our God is deaf to the cries of his children.

The season of Lent is a good time to remember that Jesus was no stranger to pain. The pain of being deserted by his friends. The pain of being rejected by the people who just days earlier accepted him as king! Jesus even cries out in agony, “Why?” to our God! Jesus knows what you are going through, no matter what the pain.

The second point is that even though there is no good answer for suffering in this world, we know without a doubt that our God loves us because he sent Jesus to save us. That much we know. It is our loving father who allows heartache and pain into our life. There isn’t an evil task master who enjoys watching the people on earth suffer. To this point, God did not create the world to be one of suffering. He created a perfect paradise, but the first two people brought sin into it. Ever since that time there has been suffering.

Finally, we can look forward to being with our Lord in heaven where there is no pain or suffering or tears. Until that point we wait. Part of the reason why heaven is so joyful is because our life here is so weary. When a runner who has been pushing his or her body to the limit and running through the pain crosses the finish line, there is joy because the pain is over.

Want to hear more? Watch this week’s Bible class to find the illustration from Dr. James Dobson about how our God holds us and comforts us with his promises.

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