An American Christmas: 21st Century

21st century Christmas in America might look very similar to the past. The events of the past year and the changes in our culture brought on by technology will impact our holiday celebrations.  What does the future hold for Christmas in America? We looked down the road this Sunday and closed out our study. How will the pandemic impact Christmas traditions? Will we still invite people to Christmas? Watch and find out.

Let’s start with a simple Christmas greeting.  Maybe it’s on a card?  Maybe as you’re walking out of the Post Office you offer a, “Merry Christmas!”  Did you just risk offending someone?  Maybe but I think that it’s worth the risk.  Your Christian witness is risky business in general.  You don’t know how someone might respond to the gospel.  The results won’t always be favorable.  Yet, our God calls us to boldly tell other about Jesus.  Christmas is the perfect time to do so.

Do you think long lines at the mall to sit on Santa’s lap are gone, never to be seen again?  I think you’re probably right, but never doubt the entrepreneurial spirit of our nation.  The folks over at Santa Club have a system that let’s your child have a customized visit with Santa.  We talked a couple lessons ago about jolly old St. Nich.  You can find that discussion HERE.

We close out our Bible study with a brief look at the Star of Bethlehem.  There is some discussion among scholars as to what exactly this star may have been.  A conjunction is a gathering of two or more planets that appear brighter than anything else in the sky.  Might God have used just a phenomenon to lead the wise men to the toddler Jesus?  It’s possible.  The challenge is how could this star have lead them to the exact house.  This is something stars don’t normally do.  If you would like to hear more, watch this weeks lesson, the last from our series: An American Christmas.

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